List of movements

List of movements, mutinies, struggles etc., participation and suffering in which is recognized for the purpose of grant of pension under the Swatantrata Sainik Samman Pension Scheme, 1980.

1.    Suez Canal Army Revolt in 1943 during Quit-India Movement & Ambala Cantt. Army Revolt in 1943.
2.    Jhansi Regiment Case in Army (1940).
3.    Rani Jhansi Regiment and Azad Hind of INA (1943-45).
4.    Hollwell Monument Removal Movement conducted by Netaji in 1940 at Calcutta.
5.    Royal Indian Navy Mutiny, 1946.
6.    Khilafat Movement.
7.    Harsha Chhina Mogha Morcha (1946-47).
8.    Mopla Rebellion (1921-22).
9.    Arya Samaj Movement in the erstwhile Hyderabad State (1938-39).
10.    Madurai Conspiracy Case (1945-47).
11.    Border Camp Cases in erstwhile Hyderabad State (1947-48).
12.    The Ghadar Movement.
13.    The Gurudwara Reform Movement (1920-25) including:
(i)    Taran Taran Morcha.
(ii)    Nankana Tragedy of February (1920).
(iii)    The Golden Temple Ke Affairs (Morcha Chabian Saheb).
(iv)    Guru ka Bagh Morcha.
(v)    Babar Akali Movement.
(vi)    Jaito Morch.
(vii)    Bhai Pheru Morcha; and
(viii)    The Sikh Conspiracy (Golden Temple) of 1924.
14.    Praja Mandal Movement in the erstwhile Princely States (1939-49).
15.    Kirti Kisan Movement (1927).
16.    Navjavan Sabha (1926-31).
17.    Quit India Movement (1942).
18.    INA and IIL (1942 to 1946).
19.    Merger Movement in the former French and Portuguese possessions in India.
20.    Peshawar Kand in which members of the Garhwal Rifles took part.
21.    Red Leaf Conspiracy Case (1931).
22.    Chauri Chaura Kand (1922).
23.    Aranya Satyagraha of Karnataka (1939-40).
24.    Goa Liberation Movement.
25.    Kalipattanam Agitation (1941-42).
26.    Kallara – Pangode case.
27.    Kadakkal Riot case. 
28.    Chengannur Riot case.
29.    Vattiyoorkavu Conference.
30.    Anti-Independent Travancore.
31.    Punnapra-Vayalar Movement.
32.    Karlvelloor Movement.
33.    Kauvambal Movement.
34.    Kayyur Movement.
35.    Morazha Movement.
36.    Malabar Special Police Strike (MSP Strike ).
37.    Dadra and Nagar Haveli Movement.
38.    Goa Libration Movement, Phase II
39.    Kuka Namdhari Movement , 1871
40.    Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, 1919

Government Secretariat

Kerala Government Secretariat, the nerve-centre of administration in the State, is completing 151 glorious years. This imposing mansion, constructed in a rich blend of Romano­ Dutch architectural style, remains a giant pillar of historical significance and monumental charm.