Secretariat Central Library

The Secretariat Central Library (SCL) was established in the year 1968, to provide reading materials for the staff members of Secretariat administration to satisfy their thirst for reading. It is located in the south side of the main block of Secretariat heritage building just near to the southern entrance. It is one of the richest book repository in Kerala catering around 5000 and odd employees of the Government Secretariat irrespective of their designation.

Though reduced to a diminutive working area of approximately, 1700sq ft., it stocks more than 60,000 books and subscribes to nearly 50 journals/ periodicals/ magazines. The collection includes Women’s Studies, Government Publications, General Biographies, and numerous rare books.  It is surprising to observe that most of the books which won many literary recognitions like Nobel, Booker, Pulitzer, Gyanpith, Akademy awards, etc. were being procured regularly in the library from the beginning years itself, a big salute the previous associates.  Among its rare collections, documents of erstwhile Travancore state are a unique one. Many of the print material of yester years are out of print now and could not be available elsewhere.

The Library from its infancy has taken keen initiatives and attention to develop in modern lines including the application of ICT in its activities and services. The library is currently in the process of modernization and has made plans to digitize its rare collections on the long run. The Library will be a general reference and reading library for all departments of the Secretariat and for all Heads of Departments having Headquarters at Thiruvananthapuram. It is attached to the General Administration Department of the Secretariat for administrative purposes, and is under the immediate control of the Principal Secretary to Government, GAD.

General Rules:

General- The Secretariat Central Library Kerala will be a General Reference and Reading Library for all the Departments of the Secretariat.

Control- The Library is attached to the General Administration Department of the Secretariat and is under the immediate control of the Principal Secretary to Govt. GAD

Senior Grade Librarian- There shall be a Senior Grade Librarian who will be responsible for the proper performance of all work connected with the Library.

Hours of Service of the Library- Working Hours of the Library shall be from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM. The Loan Counter will be opened from 9.15 AM and closed half an hour before the close of the Library and no books etc. will be issued thereafter.

Constitution of the Library Committee- There shall be a Library Committee consisting of minimum 9 members. The Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. shall be the Chairman. The Senior Grade Librarian shall be the Convenor, The Principal Secretary, GAD and one representative each from the recognized association of the Govt. Secretariat shall be a member of the Committee. Other Members shall be nominated by the Chairman from the Officers of the Secretariat generally. The Committee will suggest ways and means for the proper functioning of the Library and select new books periodicals, Magazines etc. to be acquired for the Library from time to time.


Subjects dealt by the department:

  • Issuance of Non-Liability Certificate
  • Library Membership Duplicate readers tickets
  • Realization of cost of lost books
  • Purchase of Books disbursement of amount of news papers and periodicals
  • Library committee meetings
  • Matters related to Legislative Assembly 
  • Modernisation of Library and other miscellaneous works.


Book collection:

There are nearly 60,000 books mostly in Malayalam and English language, and a few books, including languages such as Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi, and Kannada. In addition to the works of literature , there are many referance books on various subjects, including a collection of rich reference books and children's literature, as well as a collection of high-value literary works, historical, social, technical, economic, commercial, health, cinema and travel.
Apart from books, newspapers and magazines in Malayalam languages are there in the reading section of the library. Distribution of periodicals are done.

Total Books 60200
Periodicals (Weekly, Monthly) 85
Newspapers 20
Librarians 5
Supporting Staff 10
Library Circulation 150(approx)
Newspaper & Periodical Readings 550(approx)
Computers with Server 7 nos
Now available Carpet area 450 sq.m
Requirement Carpet area 1500 sq.m
Library Automation software Bookmagic
Library Members 2500


Download Application Form: 

Secretariat Central Library Membership Form

Secretariat Central Library Appendix IV


Librarian and State Public Information Officer:

Smt.Reena G.
General Administration (SCL) Department
Tel. 0471 2518779

Joint Secretary & Appellate Authority:

Shri Shine A Haq
General Administration (SCL) Department
Tel. 0471 2518203

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