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Government Secretariat consists of the offices of all the members of the Council of Ministers headed by the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary and the Secretaries in various ranks heading the Secretariat Departments. At present there are 44 Secretariat Departments as below:

Out of these 44 Secretariat Departments, 42 Secretariat Departments (other than Finance Department and Law Department) are usually called Administrative Departments and is collectively called Administrative Secretariat, for the sake of administrative convenience and in consideration of the nature of functions distributed among them. General Administration Department is one among the administrative departments in the Administrative Secretariat.

Each Department of the Secretariat shall consist of a Secretary to the Government. The Secretaries in charge of different departments may be in the rank of Additional Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary or Secretary and generally are All India Service officers belonging to IAS. They are assisted by Special Secretaries, Additional secretaries, Joint Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, Under Secretaries and Section Officers.


A Secretariat Department is divided into several Sections. A Section under the charge of a Section Officer is the basic unit of administration in Secretariat. All files originate, being processed and the communications prepared and sent, usually in Sections. A Section consists of Assistants, usually 2-4 in number; Computer Assistants; Office Attendants and is supervised by a Section Officer who is in overall charge of matters and staff of that Section.
The files originated in Sections go to higher levels for decision making and comes back to Sections for issuing the communications, The decisions in each case is made in higher levels as prescribed in the Rules of Business. The Hierarchy of file movement and decision making is as follows:

Assistants ► Section Officer ► Under Secretary ► Deputy Secretary / Joint Secretary / Additional Secretary / Special Secretary ► Secretary / Principal Secretary/Additional Chief Secretary ► Minister

Structure of General Administration Department:

General Administration Department is headed by the Principal Secretary with Special Secretaries.

Government Secretariat

Kerala Government Secretariat, the nerve-centre of administration in the State, is completing 151 glorious years. This imposing mansion, constructed in a rich blend of Romano­ Dutch architectural style, remains a giant pillar of historical significance and monumental charm.