Kerala Freedom Fighters Pension scheme

In October 1968, the Government of India brought to the notice of the State Government the necessity of giving financial assistance and other help to political sufferers who had participated in the National Movements for the emancipation of the country during the thirties and forties of twentieth century and who would be old and infirm by now, many movements. Govt. of Kerala have examined the proposal in detail in consultation with the Govts. Viz. West Bengal, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and Mysore which had already implemented a scheme of financial assistance to political sufferers. Thus the K.F.F.P scheme came to existence from 1-4-1971 onwards and S.S.S.P scheme came to existence from 15-8-1972 onwards. 

In the case of KFFP Scheme, the concerned District Collector is the competent authority to sanction KFFP. District Advisory Committees of each district assist and advise the District Collector to the disposal of the applications for the pension. In the case of the S.S.S Scheme, Kerala Government recommends the application to Government of India, on the basis of the genuineness and bonafide of the application. 

Continuous pension will be granted to the nearest relatives of the freedom fighters in the order of the widow, minor sons, unmarried daughters who have otherwise become independent.

General Instructions:-

  • The jail certificates of certifiers should be accompanied with the certificates produced by the applicants.
  • To prove abscondance sufferings, the abscondance certificate should be submitted and that should be supported by the jail records of the certifier, who had imprisonment sufferings not less than 2 years.
  • To prove imprisonment two certificates is necessary from co-prisoners, who should be persons who suffered imprisonment not less than 1 year.
  • To prove other kind of sufferings the applicant should produce required documentary evidence issued by competent authorities.
  1. Approximately 9728 beneficiaries under the scheme are being paid pension.
  2. An amount of Rs.3000/- per month is being paid as State Pension.
  3. Other facilities given are:-
  • 7% Dearness Allowances given on the pension amount from 6/2000 onwards.
  • An amount of Rs.3000/- is being paid for the funeral ceremony of the freedom fighter.
  • Free travel facility has been given by the KSRTC in all its buses to the freedom fighters and their widows.
  • In the event of the declaration of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Freedom of India a free financially assisted housing scheme has been introduced by the Kerala State Housing Board.
  • Free medical aid is being given in Government hospitals on the basis of a Medical Card issued for the purpose. Reimbursement facility on account of the expenses incurred on the purchase of medicines (at Govt. rates) is being allowed. Reimbursement facility for the treatment made at the Sree Chithira Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram is also available.
  • The Kerala State Electricity Board provides out of turn priority for the electricity connection for residential purposes to the freedom fighters and their widows.
  • The Department of Telecom provides one telephone connection under Non OYT/SWS category (subject to feasibility) to the freedom fighter or their widows.

List of movements/mutinies/strikes/conspiracies recognised under the Kerala Freedom Fighters Pension scheme of Government of Kerala

  • Civil Disobedience Movement
  • Quit India Movement
  • I.N.A. Volunteers
  • Royal Indian Navy Mutiny
  • Malabar Rebellion
  • Goa Liberation Movement
  • Mahe Liberation Movement
  • Punnapra- Vayalar Agitation
  • M.S.P. Strike of 1946
  • Cochin Police Strike of 1972
  • Karivallur Agitation
  • Kavumbai Agitation
  • Kayyur Agitation
  • Malappattam Agitation
  • Kuttamkulam agitation
  • Chengannur Riot Case
  • Kadakkal Riot
  • Kallara-Pangode Case
  • Aaron Mill Strike- Pappinisseri
  • Chethuthozhilali Strike at Anthikad
  • Koothali Strike
  • Teachers Struggle in Malabar
  • Vaikom Sathyagraha
  • Anti-Imperialistic Procession on 12.12.1946 at Kankole
  • Vattiyurkave Conference
  • Anti-Independent Travancore Movement that took place during 1946-47
  • Morazha Struggle

Government Secretariat

Kerala Government Secretariat, the nerve-centre of administration in the State, is completing 151 glorious years. This imposing mansion, constructed in a rich blend of Romano­ Dutch architectural style, remains a giant pillar of historical significance and monumental charm.