Order of Precedence

Government of Kerala

Order of Precedence


[vide G. O. (Rt) No. 8888/2012/GAD dated 19.10.2012

and G. O. (Ms) No. 500/2013/GAD dated 17.01.2013]

Article of the


Name of the Post




Vice President


Prime Minister




Former Presidents of India


Chief Justice of India

Speaker of the Lok Sabha


Cabinet Ministers of the Union

Chief Minister


Holders of Bharat Ratna Decoration


Chief Ministers of States outside their respective States

Governors of States outside their respective States


Judges of Supreme Court


Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha

Deputy Chief Minister

Ministers of State of the Union


Speaker of the Legislative Assembly

Chief Justice of the High Court

Kerala Lok Ayukta


Cabinet Ministers of the State Government

Chief Government Whip

Deputy Ministers of the Union Government

Leader of the Opposition

Vice Chairman, State Planning Board


Chairman, Kerala State Commission for Backward Classes

Chairperson, Kerala State Human Rights Commission

Kerala Upa lok Ayukta

President, State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

Puisne judges of the High Court


Deputy Speaker, Legislative Assembly



Members of Parliament


Members of the Legislative Assembly


Army Commanders/Vice Chief of Army Staff or equivalent in other Services

Chief Secretary to Government

Flag officer Commanding in Chief, Southern Naval Command

Members of Kerala State Human Rights Commission

Members of the Kerala State Commission for Backward Classes

Officers in the rank of Chief Secretary

Officers of the rank of Lt. General or equivalent rank

Chairman, Kerala Public Service Commission


Advocate General

Members of Kerala Public Service Commission

Chief Information Commissioner

Commissioners and Secretaries to Government

Director General of Police

Lt. Governors of Union Territories visiting the State

Officers of the Rank of the Director General of Police

Presidents of District Panchayats within their jurisdiction

Principal Chief Conservator of Forests

Members of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Kochi

Vice Chancellors


Accountant General

Chief Conservators of Forests

Collector of Customs and Central Excise

Commissioner of Income Tax

Director, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre

General Manager, Telecommunications

Inspector General of Police and officers of the rank of Inspector General of Police

Major Generals or officers of equivalent rank

Post Master General

Secretaries to Government and Members of Indian Administrative Service on super time scale

Secretary, Legislative Assembly

Secretary to Governor


Chairman of Statutory Corporations

District and Sessions Judges within their jurisdiction

District Collectors within their  jurisdiction

Special Secretaries to Government


Additional Secretaries to Government

Brigadier in Command of Brigade and Officers of  equivalent rank

DIG of Police

Conservators of Forests

District and Sessions Judges outside their jurisdiction

District Collectors outside their jurisdiction

Judicial Officers of the rank of District Judges

Major Heads of Departments

Managing Directors of Statutory Corporations


Chief Judicial Magistrates and Sub Judges within their jurisdiction

Heads of Medium Departments

Joint Secretaries to Government

Superintendents of Police within their jurisdiction


Chief Judicial Magistrates and Sub Judges outside their jurisdiction

Deputy Secretaries to Government

Heads of Minor Departments

Officers in the senior scale of All India Services





Note 1

The order in this Table of Precedence is meant for State and ceremonial occasions and has no application in the day-to-day business of Government.

Note 2

Persons in the order of precedence will take rank in the order of the number of articles.  The entries in the same article are arranged alphabetically.  Persons included in the same article will take precedence inter se according to the date of entry into that Article.

Note 3

In Article 7, the Chief Minister concerned will take precedence over Cabinet Ministers of the Union in official functions held in the State.

Note 4

In Article 8, Governors of States outside their respective States will enblock rank above Chief Ministers of State outside their respective States.

Note 5

In article 26, Secretary to Governor and Secretary to Legislative Assembly have been placed in position indicated based on the rank equivalent to a Secretary to Government.  If officers of any other rank occupy the position, their rank in the warrant will also automatically change.


Government Secretariat

Kerala Government Secretariat, the nerve-centre of administration in the State, is completing 151 glorious years. This imposing mansion, constructed in a rich blend of Romano­ Dutch architectural style, remains a giant pillar of historical significance and monumental charm.